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Chemistry 2.4: Structures and Bonding (5 credits)

Bonding, you know you want it

The teaching videos and questions in this playlist are designed to prepare you for the Level 2 Chemistry external exam. In the Structures and Bonding standard you should understand the following skills: Lewis Diagrams, Rules of Molecular Shape, Molecular Shape Names, Bonds and Molecular Shape, Understanding Electronegativity, Polar vs Non Polar Bonds, Understanding Metallic Bonding , Understanding Covalent Bonds, Understanding Ionic Bonding, Understanding Inter-molecular Bonding, Bond Properties: Hardness, Bond Properties: Malleability, Bond Properties: Ductility, Bond Properties: Solubility, Bond Properties: Conductivity, Exothermic Vs Endothermic, n = m / M, Calculating Heat, Understanding Enthalpy, and Bond Breaking/Forming.

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