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Chemistry 2.5: Organic Chemistry (4 credits)

Organic Chemistry... chem for hippies

The teaching videos and questions in this playlist are designed to prepare you for the Level 2 Chemistry external exam. In the Organic Chemistry standard you should understand the following skills: Naming Compounds: Prefixes, Naming Compounds: Molecule Type, Naming Compounds: Side Chains, Structural Formulas, Molecular Formulas, Structural Isomers , Geometric Isomers, Mikonikov's Rule, Polymerisation, Monomer vs Polymer , Hydration, Hydrogenation, Halogenation, Substitution Reactions: Forming, Substitution Reaction: Identifying, Elimination Reactions, Identifying Oxidising Agents, Oxidation: Primary, Oxidation: Secondary, Oxidation: Tertiary, Reaction Schemes, Identifying Organic Compounds: Steps, Oxidation Reactions: Identifying, and Addition Reactions: Identifying.

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