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Calculus 3.5: Complex Numbers (5 credits)

Complex Numbers, numbers with a complex

The teaching videos and questions in this playlist are designed to prepare you for the Level 3 Calculus external exam. In the Complex Numbers standard you should understand the following skills: Write a Complex Number, Converting to Radians, Expanding 3 Brackets, Factorising, Multiplying Surds, Answering in Surd Form, Equations with Surds, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem, Add/Subtract - Rectangular Form, Multiply - Rectangular Form, Fractions/Division - Rectangular , Complex Conjugate, Complex Polynomial Solutions, Argand Diagrams, Rectangular to Polar Form, Polar to Rectangular Form, Argument, Locus of points, Multiply - Polar Form, Divide - Polar Form, Powers - Polar Form, and Roots - Polar Form.

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