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Learn each topic, breakdown exam questions & get top tips.

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Learn to give a perfect answer to every question.


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When to use LearnCoach?

Need that one last push before your exams?

Just need that one extra push to help you feel confident in acing the exam?

Watch videos, attempt multi-choice questions and watch the tutor walkthrough of how to answer exam questions perfectly, here on LearnCoach!

Too many shifts at Maccas?

Just lovin’ work too much? Too many shifts on this week?

We provide video lessons, content summaries and NCEA exam walkthroughs for you to go through, to ensure that you feel McConfident about your grades.

Running out of tomorrows?

Uh-oh. Just realised that you’re out of tomorrows? Need a hand to catch up on a whole lot of content? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With LearnCoach you can catch up on a weeks worth of content by watching one 10 minute video!

Too busy climbing out of bronze on League?

We might not be able to help you climb out of bronze, but we sure will help you climb out of NA.

Our content will help you quickly catch up and get you prepared for your exams.

Too busy counting to 4 at band practice?

Rehearsals and competitions can take up a lot of time.

Luckily our content will help you quickly catch up and get you prepared for your exams. So go to that 7th rehearsal of the week, and focus on counting your rests, rather than the number of hours you need to catch up!

Is studying just not your thing?

Find studying boring? Don’t like sitting in one place and doing work for long periods of time?

Luckily we provide short 10 minute videos that cover a whole weeks worth of content, so that you can spend less time sitting at your desk, and do more of what you love!

Start using LearnCoach for free!

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