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Our core services

NCEA vido study guides

NCEA videos for students

Our video lessons are dedicated to making learning simple and accessible for all students. Yes, even you.

NCEA vido study guides

NCEA resources for schools

All our NCEA resources are free for teachers This includes videos, lessons and assessments, freeing up your time to spend on students.

NCEA vido study guides

University video tutorials

Our university courses include video tutorials that are custom-made by teachers, expert tutors and A+ students.

Meet our team

Dave Cameron Dave Cameron

Dave - Founder & CEO

Dave may look really important, but he’s not. He’s just like you and me: incredibly handsome, whip smart and the 2018 Young New Zealander of the Year.

Mark Cameron Mark Cameron

Mark - Co-Founder & CTO

Mark is responsible for being Dave’s brother. Mark is actually the older of the two, so we think he’ll be really annoyed we pointed that out right now.

Ollie Fairbrother Ollie Fairbrother

Ollie - Operations Manager

Ollie is responsible for signing people up to Christchurch gym memberships. Which is really inconvenient for the rest of the team, who are based in Auckland and Dunedin.

Laura Weir Laura Weir

Laura - Education & Marketing Manager

Laura is based in tropical Dunedin. She spends far too much time watching trashy TV shows and dreaming of a better life in the superior North Island.

Claire Twyman Claire Twyman

Claire - Education & Systems Manager

Claire is responsible for getting way too excited about Escape Rooms. For those that don’t know what an Escape Room is, don’t ask Claire. Please, for the love of God.

Nick-Master-Dev Lorimer Nick-Master-Dev Lorimer

Nick - Web Developer

At LearnCoach, Nick is responsible for going the longest amount of time without a haircut. The only thing he hates more than a pair of clippers is a second pair of clippers.

Ben Hulme Ben Hulme

Ben - Front End Developer

Ben is responsible for wearing shirts that have more personality than he does. It’s a lot for the shirts to live up to.

Lil' Matty G Lil' Matty G

Matthew - Community & Engagement Manager

Matthew is responsible for being the youngest in the company. He’s wise beyond his years, with the cataracts to match.

Dean Watson Dean Watson

Dean - Comedy Writer

Dean is responsible for refusing to have his photo taken against a brick backdrop. Instead of saying ‘cheese’, Dean says ‘can we do something about the backdrop?'

Maria Medina Maria Medina

Maria - Intern Web Developer

Maria is responsible for developing webs. Behold her silky skills.