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with a free personal AI tutor

Screenshot of a 15 minute study session ready to start, and the AI tutor starting to guide the student through their study session.

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When do people use the Digital AI Tutor?

Catch up work

The digital tutor assists students in catching up on missed learning due to absences or falling behind in class.

In-class revision lessons

The digital tutor provides personalised study sessions, helping students focus on the areas they need the most improvement in for their exams.

Senior student study periods

The digital tutor maximises study periods for senior students by consolidating all the necessary learning materials, exam practice, and support into well-structured, personalised sessions.

At-home study

The digital tutor efficiently prepares students for tests, mocks, and exams by focusing precisely on required exam skills. It analyses past exam papers to ensure you have the right skills at the right level


Fast progress, best results

Builds student's exam confidence, motivation, and improves outcomes.

Get maximum marks with personal feedback

Never miss out on grades. Our tutor will give you helpful feedback & guidance to get maximum grades on every question.

Weeks of class, covered in minutes

Your tutor will find out exactly what you know (and don't) to accelerate you through your study.

Understand confusing ideas

What the heck is the Quotient Rule? Or Stoichiometry? Simply ask the tutor the thing you want to learn about and let the tutor teach you.

Know exactly what to study

Personalised daily study sessions ensure you don't get stuck procrastinating, distracted, or wondering what to do next.

Get help the moment you need it

Get instant help when you don't know a word... Can't find a formula... Or, unsure what comes next...

Study the priority exam topics

Your tutor will give you instant feedback on simple definitions or challenging exam questions - ensuring you focus on the most important things.


Over 90% of NZ schools have teachers using LearnCoach.

Manurewa High School
Papatoetoe High School
Rotorua Girls' High School
Fraser High School
Kerikeri High School
Columba College
Rangiora High School
Logan Park High School